Case Studios, in residence at Flux Factory for November 2017, are examining artistic strategies within food politics, societal culture and commuting along the route of the 7 Train.

Through practice-based research, 7 Common investigates and maps the broad culinary cultures between Main Street, Flushing and Hudson Yards, Manhattan, exploring food pathways, taste memories and the development of our individual and collective palates. This setting has also allowed Case Studios to use their resources as a platform to connect, amplify and celebrate Queens based partners: food artists, activists, vendors, importers, and enthusiasts together.

Beginning the project with an exploration of taste memories, Case Studios will invite local residents to share food stories in exchange for attending meal experiences. Each meal experience will be developed in collaboration with local partners working in areas such as urban agriculture, food production and community resource workshops.

From here, 7 Common will unfold through various forms of research, gatherings and tastings, and at Flux Factory, they will share their process and continue to examine artistic and critical strategies within food, culture and commuting in the neighbourhoods along the 7 Train.

Case Studios is a collective of: Josefin Vargö (Sweden), Sam Perry (UK), Will Owen (USA) and Louise Hobson (UK) in collaboration with local partners. For more information about the project follow #7common and #casestudios.

7 Common is generously supported by Konstnärsnämnden -The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Wales Arts International.  

Upcoming Events:


Meal & Talk

Thursday 16th November, 7pm - 9pm

In response to ongoing research as part of 7 Common, Case Studios will host a Meal & Talk Event in the Flux Factory Gallery, with presentations from: Gil Lopez (Queens Action Council), Jeff Orlick (Founder of the Momo Crawl), Ethan Frisch (Burlap & Barrel) and Michelle L. Johnson (NYC Urban Field Station).


Meal Experience

As an exploration of taste memories, Case Studios are hosting a shared meal in the Flux Gallery. As part of research project 7 Common, the group have been collecting responses at each stop along the 7 Train, between Flushing Main Street and Vernon BLVD - Jackson Ave asking questions such as ‘How would you describe your neighbourhood using taste?’ and ‘What does your food heritage mean to you?’. This meal experience will be shaped by the collected responses.

If you’d like to attend this event, and you haven’t yet completed a neighbourhood food survey, Case Studios are inviting you to complete the survey online here:

Encuesta en Español


Survey in English


Open Studio

On Sunday 19th November Case Studios are inviting local practitioners working with food to use the Flux Gallery as a platform to share their work and their ideas. This sharing of practice can take place in any format, and as an example, Gil Lopez will host a beer brewing workshop from 6pm. If you’d like to propose taking part, for which Case Studios is offering a small stipend for all collaborators, please email Case Studios via

Past Events:

Flux Thursday

An evening in collaboration between QUAC and Case Studios: Potluck meal* from 7:30 – 8:30pm / Discussion from 8:30 – 9:30

*7 Train Potluck Experience!*
Case Studios will gather food and ingredients to share at the potluck dinner from stations along the 7 line. Starting at the Flushing station, Case Studio members will pick something up from the neighborhood surrounding each station until arriving at Queensboro Plaza.

Presentations by QUAC (Queens Action Council) and Case Studios.

Case Studios is a collective of:

Louise Hobson is an independent curator and producer based in Cardiff, Wales. She is currently working as a researcher, a producer of public commissions and placemaking projects and the curator of Litmus, a 12-month programme of artist commissions at Oriel Davies in Newtown, Mid Wales. Louise’s curatorial practice focusses on supporting artists to explore emerging strands of research and develop new works for public exhibition.

Will Owen is an interdisciplinary artist and curator working primarily with design, interactive media, sound, and food. Originally from western North Carolina, Will is currently based in New York and Philadelphia. He is a member of the artist run gallery Little Berlin in Philadelphia and a long term artist in residence at Flux Factory in Long Island City, Queens NYC. In recent years Will has exhibited in both formal art settings and in more DIY type locations around the world.

Sam Perry is an independent curator and writer, working with an international community of emerging artists and collectives. Sam’s curatorial practice draws thematic influence from literature, focusing on ficto-critical approaches to arts presentation. This can involve written works and talk-based events, the latter utilising surplus curatorial research and thematic ‘detritus’ with often performative results. Lives and Works in Cardiff, Wales

Josefin Vargö is a curator, experience and food designer based in Stockholm, Sweden after having spent half of her life living in Japan, USA, UK, Poland and Libya. In 2013 she co-founded Underverk, a Stockholm based experience design platform and together with meal ecologist Ayhan Aydin, Josefin also runs Aydin & Vargö, a Stockholm-based gastronomic design studio. They create sensorial meal experiences and installations based on a holistic food system.